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When it comes to maintaining and caring for your carpet, there are several myths out there. Caring for your carpet properly is key in extending the life of your carpet. You want to make sure that when you are maintaining your carpet, you are doing more good than you are bad. There are several carpet care practices that will actually end up damaging your carpet rather than clean it. Magnolia Carpet Cleaning is here to debunk some of the carpet cleaning myths out there.

Can I Skip Cleaning and Just Deodorize Carpet?

While deodorizing powders seem handy and will make your carpets smell good. They will do more harm than good in the long run. When you vacuum after sprinkling on the powder, your vacuum doesn’t remove all of it from the fibers of your carpet. This leaves a film on your carpet that will wear on your carpet fibers over time.

Is Vacuuming Once a Week Enough?

Even some of the most particular house cleaners might feel like vacuuming once or twice a week is sufficient. However, the EPA recommends that you vacuum your carpeting every day to get rid of dirt and allergens that get caught in the fibers of your carpet.

Does Only Dirty Looking Carpet Need to Be Cleaned?

Most of the dirt that causes the most damage to your carpet isn’t visible. Even though your carpet may look like it isn’t dirty, there is fine dirt that settles deep into the fibers and cause damage if it isn’t removed. Your carpeting still needs to be professionally cleaned at least twice a year to extend the life of your carpet.

Does Carpet Get Dirty Faster After Having it Cleaned?

When you have your carpets cleaned professionally, there isn’t any cleaner left behind that attracts dirt and soiling. This is especially true when you have your carpets steam cleaned. When cleaning agents are left on the fibers of your carpets, they will attract dirt and cause soiling. This is why it is so important to leave carpet cleaning up to the professionals.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage Carpet

When your carpets are steam cleaned, there is a process that includes pressure washing the carpet clear down to the backing and pad, then sucking it up and removing much more filth than other cleaning methods. When this is done properly, your carpet is left almost all the way dry. Steam cleaning removes more dirt and grime than most other carpet cleaning methods and is better for the environment.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Burbank, California

Before you try tackling the carpet cleaning on your own, make sure you aren’t damaging your carpets in the process. Magnolia Carpet Cleaning use steam to get your carpets cleaner than any other method. As you start your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget that this is a good time to have your carpets deep cleaned as well. Call us today to add us to your spring cleaning list.


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